Celebrate National Pecan Day with a Magazine Nutty for Pecans

Pieces of Pecan's 2022 edition features unidentified hands holding a handful of inshell pecans toward the camera. At the top of the cover is the Pieces of Pecan logo.

Today, on National Pecan Day, we celebrate the only major tree nut native to America. In honor of pecans, the American pecan industry’s official trade magazine, Pecan South, is publishing a free consumer magazine all about pecans. Anyone can access this nutty magazine, called Pieces of Pecan, online at Pecan South’s website.

“This National Pecan Day, we’re bridging the great divide between pecan farmers and the average consumer while also celebrating America’s native nut in a fun and exciting way,” says Blair Krebs, Publisher of Pecan South and this special edition. “Pieces of Pecan shares our favorite nut with anyone interested in learning more about pecans.”

Published by the pecan industry’s official trade magazine, Pieces of Pecan is a 56-page special edition that features fresh recipes and an article on pecan’s health benefits, as well as a Q&A with chefs on pecans, a profile on a pecan farmer, and a photo essay exploring how pecans grow.

Pieces of Pecan is published annually and always available for free online as a digital download. Printed copies are also available for purchase.

“We hope that this magazine will help people connect with their food and farmers and serve as a source of inspiration for foodies and chefs,” Krebs says.