New Mexico’s Nov. 15 pecan weevil exterior quarantine public hearing terminated

LAS CRUCES—The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) has terminated the public rule hearing previously scheduled for Monday, Nov. 15 regarding proposed amendments to 21.17.28 New Mexico Administrative Code, Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine rule, to remove several West Texas counties from New Mexico’s list of quarantined counties, add a cold-storage treatment post-entry requirement, and add a second cold storage treatment option.

A Notice of Rulemaking was provided in Volume XXXII, Issue 19 of the New Mexico Register. NMDA issued a termination notice in accordance with Subsection C of Section 14-4-5 New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978.

New Mexico’s Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine rule was promulgated in 1969 for the purpose of reducing the risk of importing pecan weevil into New Mexico from weevil-infested areas exterior to New Mexico, areas of West Texas, Arizona, and California. The rule requires all in-shell pecans and other regulated articles that originated in pecan weevil quarantined counties to undergo a cold storage treatment to kill pecan weevil prior to entry into the state.

A news release will be distributed when a new date has been set for the public hearing.