APC lowers assessments in anticipation of APPB’s first crop year

The American Pecan Council announced at its Sept. 22 meeting that the Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board began negotiating the details of a possible management contract for the staff and office of the APC to run the APPB organization. During this meeting, the APC also lowered its assessment as discussed and approved in April 2020.

According to the Sept. 22 meeting minutes, “By approving a lowering of the assessment and amended budget, it will accomplish what the APC stated back in April of 2020 and emphasized in August of 2020 and April of 2021—that once the APPB is appointed, the APC will be able to lower the assessment rate and ensure that the U.S. industry will continue to pay the same rate under both programs, while ensuring that marketing programs continue smoothly and seamlessly.”

The motion to lower assessment was MOVED by Louie SALOPEK, duly seconded by Les DAVIET and unanimously carried THAT the Council approve a rate assessment reduction from 3 cents to 1 penny for improved varieties, and a reduction from two cents to zero cents for native and substandard varieties for the 2021-2022 [Fiscal Year].”

Growers will pay $0.02 (regardless of native or improved) to the American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB). Handlers then collect the $0.02 from the grower and submit the assessment crediting the grower’s account. Importers pay $0.02 on all imported pecans.

The APPB will start collecting assessments this Friday, Oct. 1. The minutes from the APPB’s first meeting can be found here. Check out the Q&A document from the APPB for additional info. Pecan  South will release any further news and press releases from the USDA when they become available.

Updated on Oct. 1, 2021.