WPGA Webinar Series Begins on March 8th

A row of dormant pecan trees on a farm in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The sun is setting and casts a orangey haze across the property and the mountains in the distance. Pecan growers gathered at this orchard after the 2018 WPGA conference.
The Western Pecan Growers Association (WPGA) hosts its first webinar of a new Quarterly Webinar Series on March 8, 2021. WPGA offers this series exclusively to its 2021 registered members. The first webinar will begin at 10 a.m. (MST). Attendees will hear industry updates and a presentation on pecan nut casebearer control. The deadline to register for this first webinar is March 5, 2021.

Each webinar in the quarterly series will be approximately two hours and provide a CEU credit. These events will feature a variety of educational presentations, updates from pecan state organizations within the western growing region, marketing updates, etc.

The March 8th WPGA webinar will feature an hour-long presentation on controlling pecan nut casebearer. Attendees will qualify for one CEU. Future webinars will also cover seasonal-related pest control. The second hour of the webinar will feature presentations from industry organizations. WPGA’s first webinar includes industry updates from the West Texas Pecan Association and Bob Redding with the National Pecan Federation. Future webinars will include other industry updates and updates from each state represented by the Western Pecan Growers Association.

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