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5th Annual Harvest Photo Contest Entries

The image is a man's dirty hands after harvest holding a handful of inshell pecans.

My father's—Joe Thomas—hardworking hands holding some pecans. "Harvesting pecans is something I grew up doing with my dad in Atoka and Bryan County, Oklahoma. We are probably a small operation compared to most, but it still ingrained in me the value of hard work." (Photo by Lindsay Holcomb)

We had so many fantastic entries for our 5th Annual Harvest Photo Contest that we couldn’t help but share them all with you. Participants were able to submit photos from October 15, 2022, to Jan. 11, 2023. The winning photo—featured at the top of this article—appeared on the cover of our February 2023 magazine.

Thank you to all those who sent in pictures and participated in this year’s contest!

Two truck loads of pecans and other equipment sit parked at the end of rows of dormant pecan trees as the sun sets in the far backgroun.

Watching the sunset on a long day of harvesting pecans at Rancho Tornillo in Tornillo, Texas. (Photo by Craig Ivey)

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The next Annual Harvest Photo Contest will kick off in October 2023 and will be announced in Pecan South.