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Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe

If you just can't beat this summer heat, try this buttery pecan treat. 

Three scoops of butter pecan ice cream sit in a wooden bowl on a gingham tablecloth.

(Photo by Catherine Clark)

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Submitted by Cynthia Diserens

Note: An old fashioned bucket ice cream maker was used for this recipe

Makes 1 gallon | Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes


6-8 Large Eggs (depending on the size of container-6 eggs for 1 gallon)

1 Cup Sugar

1 Can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

1 Package French Vanilla Pudding Mix 

1 tsp Salt

1 Can Pet Brand Evaporated Milk

2 Cups Chopped Roasted Pecans (place in a pan and roast for 15 min. at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and let cool)

1 Qt Heavy Whipping Cream (may be substituted with half & half cream)

Milk, to fill to 1-gallon line on pan

3 to 4 Cups Ice Cream Salt 

approx. 20 pounds of Ice


Put eggs in a blender or mixing bowl and beat until yellow and frothy. Add sugar and beat for 1-2 minutes until well mixed. Add the Eagle Brand condensed milk, salt, and pudding mix, blend well. Add Pet Brand evaporated milk and pecans and stir well. Pour into 1-gallon ice cream container, add cream and stir. Finish by adding whole milk to container fill line.

Place the container into an ice cream bucket with a dasher and secure the lid. Plug in the ice cream machine and allow to rotate for 3 minutes without ice. Begin adding ice and fill to about ⅓ of the bucket. Add 1 cup ice cream salt around the outer rim of the bucket on top of the ice, careful to not get salt on the lid. Add more ice to about ⅔ of the bucket and add 1 cup of ice cream salt. Continue adding ice to just below the rim of the ice cream container. After about 5 minutes as the ice level lowers 2 or 3 inches, add another ½ cup salt. 

The freezing process should take about 30 minutes and you will need to continue adding ice to the bottom rim of the ice cream container until the freezer cut off. The motor will begin slowing down and pause to stop. Unplug, remove the latch and remove the dasher. Put lid back on the container and cover with ice and a towel folded into a square to hold in the cold air. It will need to sit about an hour before serving. Enjoy!