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July 2021 Classifieds

Found at the back of each magazine, the Classifieds feature available equipment, property, trees, services, and more from industry members.

Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.
The July 2021 Classifieds feature available equipment, property, trees, services, and more from industry members. These classifieds can also be viewed at the back of the July 2021 issue.

PECAN TREES:  Bareroot Western Schley, Wichita, and Pawnee pecan trees, (Riverside Rootstock).  For information, call Pena’s Pecan Nursery, 3 miles south of Las Cruces, NM 88047; 575-525-9062.

Used Savage equipment for sale: Savage 1000-gal Sprayer, 2005 OMC Shaker, 8960 Row-Vac, multiple sweepers, multiple 8261 Harvesters, Nelson Super 80 Sprayer, D-W 2510 Sprayer, multiple Savage Shakers, multiple 244S Crackers. (580)795-3394.

FOR SALE:  ’93 Orchard Rite shaker, ’12 Weiss McNair Mag X harvester. See pictures at  Call Tracy Reed @ 575.202.4970 for pricing.

FOR SALE: Savage 8261. $18500, Nut Hustler NH60 $7500, Misc. Shelling Equipment, Savage Stick Rake.  Call or Text Winston Millican 325-372-1138.

FOR SALE: 7″ plastic cup bucket elevator discharge 12′ 3″ $3,500. Call or text Jared 512-450-2276.

Orange Heights Pecan Nursery since 1935-Closing: 31 acre nursery converted to young, high density irrigated pecan orchard. 4 large multi-use out buildings newly constructed. $575,000. Also 20 acre pecan orchard available. Beautiful home site potential. $249,000. 5000 assorted varieties 2 1/2 to 4 inch diameter pecan trees for sale and any equipment is sold separately. Located near Hawthorne, FL. Contact Jim at or 352-317-5880.

NURSERY TREES AVAILABLE: Full service nursery with healthy, prolific trees. Pawnee, Caddo, Creek, Lakota, Kiowa, Oconee, Ellis, Elliot, Avalon. Now taking orders for 2021. Apollo Pecan Nursery, contact Tim Brown 941-266-6691 or

Used Pecan Equipment for Sale in Georgia: 8960 Savage Row-Vac 2017 model year $7999, 2542 Savage tree shaker model year 2016 $5074, 2001S Peerless pecan dryer model year 2017 $1499 (240V propane or natural gas), BC Machine tree spade $1499 (fitted for John Deere 5065E with 553 loader). Call/text/email Howard 404-723-7996 FOB Coffee County, Douglas, Georgia.

FOR SALE: 2012 Orchard-Rite mono-boom Shaker excellent condition with Caterpillar 6 $59950. 2011 Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester excellent condition $45000. Herbst side dump high-low cart with de-sticker $8500. Herbst back dump cart $4500. FMC 4000 shaker with 729 head and Ford engine $8000. pictures @ or call text Henry 209-531-8398.

PECAN SIZER: 3 stage barrel, barrel is 113″ x 3′, single phase, 220V. Search GJ9570 on Purple Wave for photos. $4500. 620-674-1041

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