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Letter from the editor: Harnessing your power

Federal Marketing Order Referendum opens up on June 7th.

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Dear Readers,

Industry conferences pick back up this month as we all adjust to a new normal. The U.S. pecan industry is very blessed to be able to host events in person again. Although these trade shows and meetings won’t be exactly like they were in the past, they continue to provide us all with an opportunity to connect and learn.

At these upcoming shows, pecan scientists will share management recommendations and present on recent research. Growers and other industry members will network and meet up with old friends.

While pecan producers, shellers, and other industry members gather at organization meetings for the first time in a year this month, growers will decide whether to keep the Federal Marketing Order or not. 

I want to take the time to remind eligible pecan growers that the referendum for the Federal Marketing Order will be conducted from June 7 to 28. USDA Agricultural Marketing Service began mailing out ballots at the end of May. If you fit this definition of eligibility and do not receive your ballot by June 14, please contact Abigail Campos at or (863) 324-2145.

You can find more information about the referendum in the short article in this month’s Pecan South or here

Besides the explainer on how to vote in the FMO referendum, this month’s issue features several other articles timely articles. Water and irrigation is a major topic for this year’s Buyer’s Edition. Dr. Richard Heerema with New Mexico State University explains the downsides of overwatering your orchard; Dr. Lu Zhang from Oklahoma State University shares some findings from a recent study on irrigation during water stage.

Another thought-provoking article comes from Dr. Monte Nesbitt with Texas A&M AgriLife. Reflecting on a question for a grower, Nesbitt explains why pecan producers should not try to time the market. As we continue to move through the pandemic, uncertainty remains. Many industry members search for a way to prevent additional losses in the coming crop, and Nesbitt provides some insight on managing your trees while also cutting costs.

These concerns for prices, the market, and the future, in general, are nothing new. But this last year and a half have proven how little control we have over it all. I hope that this issue of Pecan South—and well, every issue—gives you a little more information that allows you to harness another ounce of control over this crazy life.

Till next time,

Catherine Clark

Managing Editor

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Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is the managing editor of Pecan South. She has her M.S. in Journalism from the University of Southern California, and her B.A. in Communication and Spanish from Trinity University. For questions, comments or concerns, she can be reached at