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Letter from the Editor: “Words From My Past Self”

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Dear Readers,

When I sat down to write this letter to you all, I admit I didn’t know what to say. Not to beat a dead horse, but we’re in a strange time. This summer won’t be filled with industry events and conferences; instead we’ll have webinars and virtual meet-ups. Even summer vacation does not have the usual appeal, as resorts, theme parks, and other major tourist attractions adjust to the new normal.

Although I thought and thought and thought about what to write, I couldn’t find a central theme I truly wanted to focus on this month. Don’t get me wrong. There’s so much I could say; just nothing felt right. So, I read over my letter from last year’s June issue, and the message I found there resonated. I’d like to share some of it again with you.

Days bleed together, don’t they? And it seems as every day passes the next flies by even faster. I often wonder about how we spend this time—working, laughing with our families, resting, doing the day-to-day tasks required to live. Sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we’re able to step back from the rush and take a moment to look around. And I mean really look.

Out in the orchard, we stop and time seems to slow. Glance up at the sky, peeking through the branches. Feel the sun beat down on us. Listen to the sounds of summer.

On the porch after a long day, we stop. We can enjoy the sounds of the evening or watch our children or grandchildren laugh and play.

Or even during the laborious moments of the day, we can stop then too. Maybe we can’t literally hit pause but at least mentally. And in that pause, we can breathe and bear witness to our lives and the passing of time.

June is a busy month for pecan growers. The work you do this month can make or break your crop. Add in the general hustle of summer, and life can feel more like a burden than a gift.

But it is a gift. These moments of struggle and hustle are blessings. Even with the sun beating on our backs, the day-to-day chores filling up our to-do lists, and the challenges of growing pecans, we’re blessed. We just have to hit pause every once in a while to remember that.

This June those moments of struggle are both familiar and foreign, and though we’ve entered a challenging time for businesses, families, and even entire countries, we can still hit pause and take a second to look around, to breathe, and to recognize this gift of life.

My past self clearly felt a lot more zen than I currently am, but I’m going to follow my advice. I’m hitting pause to remember the blessings in my life, and then, I’m going to hit play again and jump right back into the fray. I hope you can too.


Catherine Clark

Managing Editor

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Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is the managing editor of Pecan South. She has her M.S. in Journalism from the University of Southern California, and her B.A. in Communication and Spanish from Trinity University. For questions, comments or concerns, she can be reached at [email protected].