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Putting the American Pecans Brand to Work for You

A Couple Cooks, influencers partnered with the APC, created and shared this recipe that features pecans in new and interesting ways. (Photo courtesy of the American Pecan Council)

Much has been shared about the new American Pecans, The Original Supernut consumer brand and marketing campaign in recent months. From national and local news placements to social media advertising to the “Good Morning America” segment, the American Pecan Council has been hard at work promoting the nutrition, versatility and rich history of pecans to shoppers nationwide.

While the new brand and marketing campaign may be consumer-facing, all our efforts are in service to you—the passionate growers and handlers who produce America’s native nut. The American Pecans brand was created with you in mind, and it belongs to the entire U.S. pecan industry.

The content and resources created by the American Pecan Council intended for use not only by the APC to promote the entire industry, but they are available to every member of the industry to incorporate into your own marketing and promotional efforts. This content includes—but goes well beyond—the new American Pecans, The Original Supernut brand.

Cooking and Baking Beyond the Pie

Well before the American Pecans consumer campaign was introduced to the public, the American Pecan Council, with the support of our marketing agency Weber Shandwick, was actively engaging with prominent food and nutrition influencers to share the incredible versatility, delicious taste and strong nutrition profile of pecans. These partnerships included the development of original, pecan-inspired recipes, highlighting pecans as a contemporary food ingredient for more than just pies and desserts.

The influencers who are helping to share the pecan’s story are hand-picked based on their content, authenticity and alignment with the American Pecans brand. Sonja and Alex Overhiser, the husband-and-wife team behind the food blog A Couple Cooks, is a good example of the top-caliber talent partnering with American Pecans. The Overhisers have garnered a worldwide online following for their delicious vegetarian recipes and sustainable approach to cooking and eating well.

A go-to source for home cooks around the world, they are also accomplished cookbook publishers, regular sources for top media outlets, including the “Today” show, Washington Post, and Bon Appétit, and strong advocates for American Pecans through their sponsored recipes, including their Pecan, Grape & Onion Pizza, and Cinnamon Pecan Homemade Breakfast Cereal.

A Couple Cooks is just one example of the more than 20 talented influencers we have selected to work with American Pecans. Each partner shares pecan recipes with their many social media and blog followers and allows APC to use their content—including recipes and photography of the dishes—for our own purposes. Not only can the APC use this recipe content on its website and social channels, but it is also available for use by anyone in the American pecan industry.

Go to to check out all of the beautiful and delicious recipes our partners have created. You can post them directly to your own social channels by selecting the “Share” button located on each recipe page.

Reaching Consumers Through Social

 As we work to meet consumers where they are, we continue to leverage social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. In addition to recipes, we regularly share videos, industry spotlights and news stories to get America excited about pecans.

The posts on the American Pecan social media pages have been created for your use—with a team of digital strategists, Registered Dietitians, bloggers and creatives at work behind the scenes—to provide the most relevant and engaging content for your followers. To supplement your own social media efforts, we encourage you to share your favorite American Pecan social posts or recipes directly from our channels to your own. You can even add a personal twist to the post by customizing the caption.

“We love the new American Pecans brand, and we’re excited to continue to incorporate it with our upcoming social projects,” said Amy Williams of Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts. “It was easy to share how to make delicious pecan pie, but this nutrient-dense nut has so many more versatile uses that we can make our audience aware of. We’re focused on teaching our viewers how to use this nut in more adventurous ways.”

Our goal is to get consumers thinking differently and more often about the American Pecan, so we encourage you to incorporate the APC’s social storytelling into your business and personal social media channels as you see fit. For more information on how to share the APC’s social content, visit (password: pecans18) and scroll down to the Social Media Channels section to download and access a guide. Also, be sure to follow us on all our social channels: @AmericanPecan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Making Our Mark 

One of the most exciting elements of our marketing campaign is the new American Pecans logo, an iconic expression of our industry to the world. Instantly recognizable, the handcrafted, uniquely imperfect typography and line work give our logo an authentic feel, while the timeless shape of the badge makes it an enduring emblem that will represent our industry for many years to come.

Visit the to access the Industry Toolkit that features materials from the brand that you can use for your business.

As the official mark for American Pecans, we encourage pecan growers, handlers and all members of the industry to use the brand in their own marketing efforts. There are many different ways you can incorporate American Pecans into your existing promotional materials and channels:

  • Social media – in addition to sharing American Pecans social content on your own channels, you can add the logo to your Facebook cover photo.
  • Collateral – use it on brochures and sales materials, or have it printed on your official business cards and letterhead alongside your own company logo.
  • Retail – use the logo on signage in your store, add it to packaging, or have it printed on hats, mugs, t-shirts or other merchandise.
  • Web and email – add it to the footer of your company website or use it on e-marketing materials.

The logo is available for download in a variety of file formats on the digital toolkit at To ensure consistent use of the new logo, the toolkit also includes a brand guidelines document, which provides helpful usage information, along with inspiration for the many ways you can incorporate the brand into your marketing collateral and channels.

Equipping Industry Ambassadors

 The American pecan industry has a rich history and a powerful story to tell—one of nutrition, taste, versatility and heritage. With the Federal Marketing Order in place, we have for the first time the opportunity to shine a light on America’s native nut and share our story with a unified voice. As part of the pecan industry, you play an integral role in our collective efforts to build demand for pecans among American consumers. We know each of you is a proud ambassador for the industry, and our goal is for each of us to be fully equipped to tell the American Pecans story.

Tell your friends and family about American Pecans, pass along articles about the new brand, print and share resources from the toolkit, direct others to the website, share content from our social channels and encourage others to tune in when you learn that American Pecans will be featured on TV. With your help, the entire country will have a new view of America’s native nut.

This campaign is intended to support each of you, so if you have suggestions or questions about how to use the brand or marketing resources, we want to hear from you. You can email us at or call the APC office at 817.916.0020.

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The American Pecan Council

The American Pecan Council (APC) is a group of passionate pecan growers and shellers whose life work is dedicated to growing, harvesting and processing America’s native nut. Founded in 2016 through a Federal Marketing Order, the APC’s mission is to promote the many benefits of the American Pecan and help tell the story of this truly unique nut. With oversight by the USDA, APC aims to build consumer demand, develop markets and establish industry standards. APC is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and funded by pecan handlers in 15 pecan-producing states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. To learn more visit