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South Georgia Pecan Co. agrees to process FICO pecans

A nut cluster hidden behind the leaves.

In early September, nut clusters hung heavy on the trees at Green Valley/FICO in Arizona. These nuts are developing and will be ready for harvest in late November or early December. (Photo by Blair Krebs)

SAHUARITA, Ariz.—Farmers Investment Co (FICO) and South Georgia Pecan Company announced on Sept. 9 that they have entered into an agreement for FICO to sell its inshell pecans to South Georgia Pecan for processing. This agreement comes after FICO announced it is closing its pecan processing operations effective December 31, 2021.

FICO will continue to grow pecans in its Arizona orchards in the Santa Cruz Valley south of Tucson, Arizona, and San Simon near the Arizona/New Mexico border. It is expected that South Georgia will process FICO’s pecan in its El Paso facility.

“We are pleased to have entered into this collaboration with South Georgia Pecan Company to process the inshell pecans grown on our farms,” said Dick Walden, President of FICO. “We grow what we believe to be the best quality pecan in the world, and South Georgia Pecan are innovative leaders in shelling and processing. The strengths of our respective companies will serve customers well.”

“Putting this partnership together with FICO is exciting, beneficial to both parties, and will elevate the industry as a whole. We know the FICO team well, so coupling their ability to grow a great crop with our team at South Georgia’s ability to process has made this agreement one I’m really looking forward to leading,” said Jeff Worn, President and CEO of South Georgia Pecan.

Farmers Investment Co will continue growing pecans on its farms in the Santa Cruz Valley and San Simon. FICO is making significant investments in its farming operations, including a pipeline to increase groundwater recharge and completion of the second phase of a new pecan cleaning plant.

South Georgia Pecan Co., headquartered in Valdosta, Georgia, was founded in 1913. The company has grown from its humble beginnings to being an industry leader with processing facilities in Georgia and Texas. The company continues to be 100 percent family-owned and operated.

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David S. Steele, FICO

David S. Steele is a spokesman with Farmers Investment Co.