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Texas A&M Researchers Announce Winners from Marketing Label Study

Earlier this year, a team of researchers at Texas A&M University’s Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences invited pecan industry members to participate in a study about consumer decision-making and consumer preferences for pecans. This research arose out of the belief that understanding an expert’s ability to accurately forecast the effectiveness of marketing efforts to influence consumer valuations is critical for a firm’s profit-maximizing decisions. In partnership with the Texas Pecan Growers Association, Texas A&M researchers conducted the study to determine to what extent pecan industry experts can accurately predict the success of marketing labeling messages.

In the study, they asked pecan producers to forecast the average consumer’s willingness to pay for pecan products that displayed five different health and taste-related marketing messages. The marketing labeling messages included: a control message that read “pecans,” health-related messages like “weight management” and  “control cravings,” and taste-related messages, including “indulgently delicious” and  “great flavor.” Participants with the top 10 most accurate predictions were selected as winners of a $250 gift card and, of course, bragging rights.

We thank all producers for participating in the study. Upon the completion of the study, the findings will inform stakeholders’ decisions on the development of marketing efforts.

Here are the winners (in alphabetical order by last name). Each winner will be contacted via email about their prize.

Adam Green, Oak Jill, VA

Mark Hamilton, Coleman, OK

Karlene Hanf, Denair, CA

Darrel Jones, Iron City, TN

Monica Moran, Manor, TX

Ryan Mote, Graham, TX

Dena Purdy, Blackwell, OK

Phil Ricks, Oak Island, NC

Clay Robertson, Alexandria, LA

Aaron Steinle, Kerrville, TX