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Good Agricultural Practices For Pecans

Over the last several years, agriculture has faced many challenges. Among these has been increased scrutiny resulting from various foodborne illnesses in multiple crops. Fortunately for us, pecans have been spared the brunt of this abuse so far. While many feel that food safety and the prevention of contamination are problems that only shellers and...

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Pecan Graftwood Collection

Have you ever found a native tree that produced great, flavorful nuts every year and wanted to make more of them? Do you have a lot of native pecan trees that produce few or poor nuts and wished you could switch them to another variety? Well, all of that is possible and late winter to...

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A New Year, a New Time

As I sit at my desk writing this month’s column, there is a cold, steady rain falling outside. It is Sunday morning and the first day off I have had since mid-October. I have been enjoying the fire in the living room fireplace, a cup of coffee with my wife, our new dog Pepper at...

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Dip Into A Healthy Holiday With Holly Jolly Biscotti

Texas Oncology has developed a tasty and simple holiday recipe for Holly Jolly Biscotti, which showcases the peak-season flavors of Texas citrus and pecans. Packed with healthy ingredients, this Italian-inspired, twice-baked cookie is a delicious and nutritious way to promote a good-for-you diet throughout the holidays not just for yourself, but everyone on your gift...

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Hazelnuts Recalled Due To Salmonella; No Illness Reported

NEWBURG, Ore., Dec. 18 (UPI)—Willamette Filbert Growers of Newberg, Oregon, has recalled nearly 30,000 pounds of shelled hazelnuts because of a risk of salmonella, federal officials said. Salmonella was found in a production lot at the facility where the nuts were shelled, the U.S Food and Drug Administration said in a release Friday. No illnesses...

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Pecan Crash of 2009

Congratulations to all pecan growers who had a great crop on a big “on” year. Most of us did not fare so well. We had a terrible year in 2008 with a short crop and terrible prices, so we were all expecting this to be a comeback year. The crop looked great throughout much of...

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