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TPGA Hosting 89th Annual Conference and Trade Show

The Texas Pecan Growers Association will host its 89th Annual Conference and Trade Show, July 11-14 at the new Embassy Suites in San Marcos. The conference includes two full days of educational programming and will conclude with a half-day orchard tour. Hotel accommodations at the Embassy Suites may be reserved by calling 512-392-6450. The group...

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Basic Four for the Pecan

Pecan growing is not a simple task. For trees to grow and bear quality nuts, over 100 different challenges must go right. Pecan growers know one needs a warm climate, deep well-drained soil, a lot of money, the desire to grow pecans, and good management. There are 4 absolutely essential management tasks that we must...

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Livestock and Pecans? No!

Most of you probably don’t realize that most of the early part of my life was spent as a cowboy. I was born on a 300,000-acre cattle ranch in California in 1949. The farm I grew up on in Arizona also operated several thousands of acres of desert range and my family currently operates a...

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Optimistic Crowd Gathers For Gpga Meet

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association enjoyed an enthusiastic turnout for its recent annual meeting in Perry, Georgia, and speakers shared some helpful insight into issues that Georgia producers are facing. USDA’s Bruce Wood led off the program by reporting on a study focused on orchard thinning. “One of the most common mistakes is delaying thinning,”...

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