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Scab Control Update

Last year and this year have been tough years for scab control in the eastern part of the growing belt. Wet weather has created more challenges in controlling this disease the past two years than we have seen in some time. Because of this, I thought I might revisit the issue and add some things...

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Native Disease Management

Ever since the 2007 Easter freeze, it seems like we have had to re-adjust our thinking about pest management in native pecans, at least in the northern portion of the native pecan range. It seems like the freezing temperatures in the spring of 2007 not only destroyed all the emerging new shoots on our trees,...

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Nitrogen is #3 in Jobs to Do

In the production of pecans as a commercial crop, some things are constant and we cannot do much about them, such as soil depth, soil drainage, money available for management, time available with other jobs, etc. The big four jobs are water, weeds, nitrogen and zinc sprays. Here we talk about nitrogen. I am concerned...

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Victory or Defeat in August

The pecan growing season begins in late March and ends in late September for many orchards in the Southeast. Let’s round it off and call it 200 days, earlier and later ripening varieties withstanding. Approximately 125 to 130 days after bud break, a pecan grower will find himself or herself in the month of August....

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Get Preparations Underway For 2010 Weevil Management

During 2009 many Texas pecan producers experienced greater than expected damage from pecan weevils and, although it is only late July, I feel it is time to address pecan weevil management so producers will have time to establish management plans. I have published this article several times in the past but because of the importance...

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TPGA Conference Draws Big Crowd to San Marcos

A crowd of almost 500 participated in two full days of educational programming and then finished up the 89th Annual Texas Pecan Growers Association Conference and Trade Show with a multifaceted field day that encompassed tours and demonstrations at two different orchards. TPGA members Troy Swift and Mark Friesenhahn hosted tours of their operations that gave...

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