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Pre-Harvest Activity

It appears that this is one year that a small crop got larger, which does not happen very often. Here in the Southeast, the potential is very good this year. A little scab here and there from early rains but I do not think that it will have much effect on the total crop. We...

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Wildlife Can Take Significant Toll on Pecan Crop

Pecan groves seem to be a common gathering place for a variety of wildlife.  Often times, individuals find this visually appealing when in fact wildlife gathering in these areas can become quite a nuisance. The damage resulting from wildlife inhabitation can be divided into three areas:  tree injury, nut injury, and cashing. Tree injury occurs when the...

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Stink Bug Management Presents Challenges For Producers

I would like to refer back to an excellent article by Monte Nesbitt in last month’s Pecan South, Southeastern Shakings, Page 6, where he talks about the difficulty in producing pecans during August. This not only applies to the horticultural challenges in filling out kernels but this is also a time when producers have to start...

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Alabama Pecan Growers Annual Conference

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010 8:00 a.m.            Registration 8:30 a.m.            Call to Order and Introduction of Guests – Roger Cook 8:40 a.m.            Opening Remarks – Ron Zorn 8:50 a.m.            Introduction of William Batchelor, New Dean of Auburn College of Agriculture Moderator — Allen Burnie 9:00 a.m.            “A trip to China to promote pecans” – Matt Goff 9:20 a.m.            “Update on early harvest cultivars” – Bill Goff...

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Texas Pecan Checklist

There are a number of grower-accepted practices for pecans —for natives, intensively managed orchards, standard orchards, sustainable orchards, and abandoned orchards. These practices can be used from time to time, regularly, or as a “must do” practice every year. Practices affect pecan alternate bearing, tree health, production, kernel quality and profits. A grower should want...

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