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Georgia’s Fall Field Day Spotlights Fort Valley Farms

Georgia growers were treated to the annual Georgia Pecan Growers Association Fall Field Day on Sept. 9. The Fall Field Day generally alternates every three years to different locations, usually between the Tifton and Byron research orchards and then to a grower’s orchard. Mason Pecan Farm hosted the field day at their orchards in Fort...

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Don’t Stop Irrigation, Yet

Most growers are aware that the most critical time for adequate irrigation in pecans is during kernel filling from mid-August to mid-September. However, the pecan tree’s demand for water does not end when kernel filling is complete. In general, pecans need about 55-60 inches of water per year. Depending on tree spacing and size, orchards...

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Shellers Launch Prevalence Study, Focus on Food Safety

The National Pecan Shellers Association has listened and heard over the past few years about the importance and increased emphasis on food safety. Invited speakers at several of NPSA’s recent meetings have focused on this topic. And now NPSA is making a considerable investment in determining precisely the “prevalence of Salmonella in pecans.” NPSA has...

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NPSA Elects Board Members at Annual Meet

The National Pecan Shellers Association re-elected three members and elected three others to serve on the Board of Directors during the NPSA Annual Meeting Sept. 16-18 in Memphis, Tennessee. Jerry Fogle of Golden Kernel Pecan Co., Terri Lynn Schuck of Terri Lynn Inc. and Larry Willson of Sunnyland Farms Inc. were re-elected to new two-year...

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Time For A New Pricing Structure?

As new estimates for the 2010 crop come out and as I observe the crop around my home area, I realize that this will be a fairly large “off” year crop. In addition, walnut production is forecast to be double what it was two years ago and up 17 percent from last year. This tells...

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