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U.S. Pecans Makes Splash at China Ice Cream Show

A team from U.S. Pecans traveled to China at the end of October to continue promotion of pecans in the Chinese market, particularly in the ice cream, baking and ingredients industries. James Ditmore from New Mexico, Blair Krebs from Texas, Dan Zedan from Illinois, Glenn Honaker from Texas and Odie Dollins from Texas all participated...

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New Mexico Growers Hold Annual Field Day Event

New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte joined the New Mexico Pecan Growers Association at its recent 10th annual field day and saluted the industry for having become one of the leading agricultural commodities in the state. Citing historical statistics, Witte noted that New Mexico’s pecan production has grown from a reported 53 pounds of harvested...

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A Curious Letter

A couple of days ago I received a letter, one that piqued my curiosity. It did that because of two things: first of all there was no return address and, secondly, the address was to me at a farm address that no longer exists, indicating the label came off a mailing list that was not...

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Looking Back at Texas’ Best Pecans in 2010

2010 marked the 60th year of the Texas Pecan Show and Grading Demonstration. This Texas Pecan Growers Association-sponsored event started in November last year with 25 county shows hosted by Texas AgriLife Extension agents. Regional shows were held in Brenham, Texas (Larry Pierce, coordinator); Stephenville, Texas (Whit Weems and Neal Alexander, coordinators); Midland, Texas (Deborah Frost...

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Taking On More Natives

One thing’s certain in the pecan business. When pecan prices spike, more people get interested in managing native pecan trees. Drive through any native pecan area and you can find stands of trees that look to have potential for profitable pecan production. But looks can be deceiving. Some of these native stands were abandoned for...

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Detected in Texas

Although I wrote on this subject for the July 2011 issue of Pecan South, I felt the need to rerun this information given that the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, was just recently detected in Texas (Corpus Christi). This first Texas detection was reported by a pest control operator in early November where the specimens were...

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