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Pecan Grafting and Varieties

The new Texas A&M pecan planting will be in the fourth leaf this spring and we will begin grafting in early April. Our plan is to use the Texas Method Inlay Bark Graft on the trees with a trunk diameter larger than 2 inches and the Four Flap (Banana Graft) Graft on all the smaller...

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Central Texas Growers Deal with Drought Aftermath

Growers in Comanche County, Texas gathered at the end of February for a drought program put on by the AgriLife Extension office. Charles Rohla from the Noble Foundation spoke about recovering from the drought as well as the future of the industry. Bill Ree spoke about any insect-related problems to expect this year and those...

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Water covers the ground in a native pecan grove.

Working on Field Drainage

Last summer’s searing heat and bone dry conditions are still fresh in the minds of native pecan growers from Texas up through Kansas. However, it will not stay dry forever. The rains will return and we’ll soon be talking about cleaning up after a flood in the pecan grove. The fact is we can do...

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Another year already?

Bud break on ‘Desirable’ occurred in South Georgia on March 10, a record for earliness as far as I can find out. It has been the shortest winter season I can remember. We just shipped the last of the 2011 crop and we are starting on the new crop already. We are scrambling to get...

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Pheromone traps, websites are good PNC management tools

It is hard to believe that it is almost that time of year when producers across Texas and other states will need to start focusing their attention on a new season. Fortunately, a good portion of Texas has received significant winter rains so at least we are off to a good start, moisture-wise. Every year is different...

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