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Dry weather lessons

The nuts produced in the northern portions of the pecan tree’s native range are known for having bright, high-quality kernels that provide the food industry with great tasting ‘topper-halves’. However, northern natives are not renowned for their large nut size. Over the past couple of years, region-wide droughts have had a major impact on our...

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2012 in review

The 2012 crop in the East started a month early and it appears that it will end a month early also. By the time you read this, the crop should be in the bag with perhaps some minor clean up in progress. This has been a different year to say the least. This crop has...

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Figure 1. A whole truffle found in a Texas pecan orchard (a), above. Washing and cleaning the truffles reaveals an orange-brown color of the outer ‘skin’ (b), right Cross section through a pecan truffle shows the marbled pattern of cream and light brown internal tissue (c), bottom left.

Pecan Truffle Research Underway in Texas

The word ‘truffle’ often evokes an image of elegant culinary items including the expensive garnish or flavoring of fine European cuisine. Although the aromatic, edible fungal fruiting structures that are known as truffles are more often associated with European countries, North America has several species that naturally grow in forests across the continent. One such...

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INC reports plans for upcoming tree nut projects

For a number of years, the pecan industry has been contributing $50,000 per year to the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research and Education Foundation (INC NREF). The pecan industry’s funds have come from the National Pecan Shellers Association, the Texas Pecan Growers Association, Western Pecan Growers Association and the Georgia Pecan Commodity Commission. Other...

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Carry-in stocks total 123 million

USDA’s end-of-September Cold Storage report puts pecan stocks at 123 million pounds, in-shell basis. This Sept. 30 number is utilized by the pecan industry as the “carry in” for the current season. The 123 million compares to 151 million at the end of August 2012. At the end of September last year, the cold storage...

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NPSA launches Facebook page

The National Pecan Shellers Association has recently launched a Facebook page. Visit the page at . “Like” the page to get regular updates and tips for using pecans. Also recently, NPSA hosted a nationwide media tour to promote the nutritional benefits of pecans for men. Nationally syndicated morning TV show, The Daily Buzz, highlighted...

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The ‘Desirable’ Pecan

Three Texas pecan buyers have stated the 2012 crop is “the year of ‘Desirable’.” It has produced top quality nuts across the river region from Victoria north to Waco. The Texas A&M pecan orchard ‘Desirables’ are the best ever and superior to all other varieties this year. We have 13 large 75-year-old ‘Desirable’ trees, 40...

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