USDA Crop Report 2012, shows size of pecan crop across the U.S. as well as the price per pound

USDA crop report reflects lower prices

USDA published its Preliminary Summary of the 2012 pecan crop in late January, with estimated production dropping from 308.6 million pounds to 302.8 million. The only significant change was a 4 million pound drop in New Mexico’s estimate. The significant, but not surprising, information in the recent USDA report is the confirmation of lower prices paid to...

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Georgia Pecan Commission spreads pecan message

The Georgia Pecan Commission continues to promote Georgia pecans to consumers in both traditional media and social media. Promotions include a New York City media tour that featured desk-side meetings with editors of popular consumer magazines, a Facebook contest and an editorial push in November during Georgia Pecan Month highlighting the health benefits of pecans...

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Pecan cultivar recommendations for the Southeast – 2013 update

Major advances in pecan cultivar development and selection have occurred in the past few years, requiring extensive evaluations and frequent updating of recommendations. Because the Alabama pecan industry has smaller growers, often without the equipment or economic incentive to spray intensively with large airblast sprayers, we have focused on pest-resistance to reduce spray requirements. We...

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An example of a label for an insecticide with the group number circled in red.

Pesticide Group Numbers – what are they?

For the past month or so I have been reviewing insecticide labels and new products in order to update the insecticide searchable database in the Pecan ipmPipe website. In addition to providing information on grazing restrictions, pre-harvest intervals and labeled pests, the “Group Number” for the product is also listed under class/mode of action column....

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NPSA President Marty Harrell, left, thanks Warren Stone of the Grocery Manufacturers Association for his presentation at the NPSA meeting.

Pecan shellers hold mid-winter meeting

The National Pecan Shellers Association held its Mid Winter meeting Feb. 6-8 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Amelia Island, Florida, with food safety and pecan health-related information getting top billing on the program. More of this information will be included in next month’s Pecan South. The NPSA group also put together their own assessment...

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Pecan prices low, consumption strong

Prices paid to growers for U.S. pecans have plummeted as this season has progressed. Some growers are putting pecans into cold storage and others have pecans stacked in their barns debating what to do with them. Pecan meat prices are also lower, especially for pieces. With a significant portion of the large-nut in-shell crop going...

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Pecan Price is Complex

Current pecan prices paid to growers are terrible. So, the question is why? The 2012 pecan harvest was big – bigger than expected, and it was on an “off” year when production was to be low. I estimated the crop to be 45 million for Texas at the Louisiana meetings and I do not know...

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