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Nutrition, fertilizer, marketing focus at WPGA

Pecan growers continue to search out optimal orchard fertilization and nutrition practices in order to achieve healthy trees and maximum production. The recent Western Pecan Growers conference in Las Cruces launched its educational program with those topics. New Mexico Extension pecan specialist Richard Heerema reported on revised recommendations for potassium and phosphorus levels (previously reported...

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Future of industry a theme at SEPGA

Looking forward and preparing for the future seemed to be the theme for the recent Southeastern Pecan Growers Association conference in Biloxi, Feb. 21-22. The program included discussions about the possibility of implementing a pecan marketing order to help the industry deal profitably with likely increased supply, about how the Southeast’s extremely wet weather in...

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Pecan meal stars in neat™ meat alternative

New applications for pecans are always welcomed by the industry — especially those that enhance the healthy image of pecans; especially those that enhance the image of pecans as a great tasting nut; and especially those that create demand for something other than halves! Well, here it is and it is on the shelves of...

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Pecan grafting tips

Olive grafting is 2,000+ years old as described in the Bible, and pecan grafting began at Oak Alley Plantation just north of New Orleans in 1855 or so. Grafting in pecans is not an easy process, it is difficult; especially in the arid Southwest. Gulf Coast or southeastern growers and nurserymen can use a wide...

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Natural limb pruning

When visitors come to this corner of Southeast Kansas and walk in the shade of our native pecan groves, they are most often impressed by the enormous size of the trees. One of the first questions that always pops into a visitors head is: “How do you prune these huge trees?” I explain that the...

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Lessons learned (again) in 2013

2013 was an interesting year in the pecan world and it appears 2014 is following in its footsteps, at least in the Southeast. Record summer rainfall gave way to a dry harvest period and then right back into a wet pattern in December. Cold temperatures, rain, snow, sleet and ice have all made their mark...

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