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Pecan post-freeze management

Much of the western pecan belt in West Texas, Southeast New Mexico, and Southwest Oklahoma was hit hard by the late season freeze of April 15, 2014. Temperatures as low as 21 degrees F were recorded, and damage was obtained to some trees with only 28 degrees F. Pecans are known for being the last...

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The Power of Association

As I write this, the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association annual convention is going on in Biloxi, Mississippi. Unfortunately, I can’t make it but I’m sure it will be a successful event. The opportunity for growers to get together and discuss pecan production practices is always enlightening. The education received is invaluable. Another important aspect is...

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Georgia expands annual conference format

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association met for its 49th annual educational conference and exhibition at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia on March 25 -27, 2014. This year’s show marked a change in schedule with the conference being extended into another day. The events were kicked off with a fundraising golf tournament and reception,...

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Texas Crop Registry

This month’s column on the Texas Crop Registry is a little different from my normal topics in that it does not address a specific insect or pest problem, but rather informs producers of a tool that I think is a win-win opportunity for both producers and pesticide applicators. Simply put, the purpose of the Texas...

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