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Seoul food show suggests promising pecan market in South Korea

The National Pecan Growers Council sent 4 representatives to the Seoul Food and Hotel show in Seoul, South Korea (Republic of Korea) from May 9-17. Rosemary Alexander from the Georgia Pecan Growers Association and Blair Krebs from the Texas Pecan Growers Association were team leaders on the mission and were joined by 2 industry representatives,...

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Exercise caution with weed, brush control

Unexpected rains have been nice across much of the state; that, coupled with a very heavy bloom in native pecan bottoms, is cause for optimism even though a late freeze greatly reduced the crop load in some areas. However, pecan nut casebearer has been quite low to non-existent in many areas. So theoretically we should...

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Percent weevil damage related to native nut density

Previously, I reported that pecan weevil, Curculio caryae (Horn) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), growth rates were correlated with a density dependent factor, pecan nuts per adult female weevil (Mount 2013). This relationship suggested that nuts per female weevil would also be related to larval infestations in nuts. Thus, I used nut density data from the previous report,...

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Pecan Records and Pesticides

I hate to keep records; I would rather go to the orchard and do something rather than record data. However, every night I log all the significant pecan activity in my desk diary and have been doing so for many years. The information though seemingly unimportant at the time could be valuable in the future....

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