A drone flies in between trees. Growers can introduce ag technology like this into their pecan management plan to be more proactive.

Alabama Summer Tour Focuses on Small Pecan Operations

In the beginning of August, the Alabama Summer Tour and Field Day educated and delighted over 60 participants in Fairhope, Alabama. The focus of the tour and field day was “pecan production practices designed for small growers and homeowners.” Participants were shown what is considered to be a smaller orchard and the management practices available...

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Noble Foundation to host workshop on pecan investment

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will host a Pecan 101 workshop to show farmers the investment potential of pecans. The workshop will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 16 at Ardmore’s Southern Oklahoma Technology Center. Noble Foundation consultants will detail the fundamental steps of initiating a new pecan enterprise. Participants...

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Allergy-free cashews could be available soon

Allergy-free nuts are just a few years away, say U.S. scientists. The team of scientists have revealed that they are close to developing a cashew nut that can be eaten by nut allergy sufferers, after discovering how to modify the dangerous proteins which trigger deadly reactions. The study was presented in August at the National...

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Irrigation water runs between two rows of pecan trees. Trees water demand increases as the season advances.

Avoid late-season flooding

The pecan scientific community has collectively and rightfully stressed the importance of late-season irrigation. Larry Stein, Jody Worthington, George Ray McEachern in Texas and scientists in other states contributed to our modern understanding of the necessity of late-season irrigation to improve pecan kernel quality and reduce stress disorders like shuck decline and stick-tights. Darrell Spark’s...

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Review of Bunch Disease in Pecan

During the Oklahoma Pecan Growers’ orchard tour during the last conference, we looked at several pecan trees that exhibited signs of bunch disease. Producers asked several questions about this disease during the field tour and I have received several questions since. There is not a significant amount of information regarding bunch disease in pecan. The...

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