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What is potential impact on pecan of invasive pests?

As the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Program Specialist for pecan IPM, it has been my job to work with producers on their various pest management problems; however, in addition to dealing with some of the more common pest problems, I also try and keep my eyes on the horizon for potential or invasive pests that...

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An example of the cultivar 'Nacono,' inshell and halves. When identifying pecan varieties,

Pecan Variety Identification

Many situations arise that call for identifying a pecan tree and variety. Orchards are bought or inherited, sometimes with no map or planting plan of what was planted. People identify exceptional trees that they want to identify or name. Growers with a young orchard may discover trees producing nuts different from what they bought. Buyers...

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Marketing order sessions continue

USDA Under Secretary of Marketing and Regulatory Programs Edward Avalos recently told an audience of pecan growers gathered in New Mexico that insisting on always doing things the way your fathers did them is not a path to success. “Nothing ever stays the same. If you want to be successful, you must change. It is...

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Pecan Harvest 2014 at A&M

The Texas pecan harvest for 2014 is well underway except for the far West. Last winter was the coldest sustained weather in Texas without a warm “Indian Summer” in my 44 years at Texas A&M. At College Station, we received more than 900 hours of winter chilling below 45 degrees F from October to March....

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