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Marketing Order Plans Progressing

Mike Adams, president of the American Pecan Board, reports that the development of the Federal Marketing Order for pecans is progressing. As reported earlier, the American Pecan Board met with USDA staff at DFW airport on Jan. 13-16 to begin the process of composing the order that will be sent to the Secretary of Agriculture...

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Zinc Thinking in the Southeast

Zinc is the 24th most abundant element in the earth’s crust, the eighth metal known to man, a component of ancient brass artifacts, and an ingredient of batteries, gutters and galvanized screws. Zinc is a relative newcomer to plant fertilizer, having not been discovered as essential to plant growth until 1926. Not long afterward, zinc...

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Annual Pecan Calendar

As pecan growers enter the 2015 pecan year it is good to outline management practices and develop plans. Growers can use different types of management: establishment management, low versus moderate versus intensive orchard management, and native grove management. Texas production is in an alternate-bearing cycle with 2015 being an “off” year. Our rainfall last season...

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