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GPGA hedging panel captures audience interest

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association offered up a diverse program with concurrent sessions at its annual conference March 25-26 in Perry. Helpful advice and presentations for new growers as well as veterans comprised the 1.5 day program at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, along with a trade show encompassing equipment, chemicals, nurseries and more. One of...

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King Springs Pecans a Story of Friendship

Paul Quiros began our recent interview for this article by basically writing the lead himself. “This is a story of great friendship,” he said. King Springs Pecans, a young 550-acre orchard not far from Perry, Georgia, was launched 3 years ago by newcomers to the pecan industry, Quiros and his law partner and friend of...

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Pecan Orchard Establishment

Planting seed in place. Pecan orchards are difficult to establish by planting seed because it requires individual tree care for tree selection, irrigation, weed control and unwanted tree removal. All of which occurs over a long three to five year period of time. Though seemingly less costly, it is, however, the most expensive system for...

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Tools to help determine a thinning plan

Mature tree removal is one of the most critical and difficult management decisions that a pecan grower has to make particularly in native groves. It is often very difficult for a producer to cut down a large tree. Sometimes this difficulty arises from an emotional connection to a tree and other times it can be...

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How much fertilizer do young pecan trees need?

Root dry weight typically comprises 55-70 percent of total tree dry weight one year following transplant, which suggests that pecan tree transplants direct most of their resources to root establishment in the first growing season in the orchard. Pecan trees in the first two to three years of establishment have a limited root system compared...

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