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Building Pecan Weevil Traps

Pecan weevil is the number one pest of native pecan growers. Knowing when to spray for this pest is critical for achieving economic control of a weevil population. To help make weevil spray-date decisions, we have been using trunk mounted ‘Circle’ traps. When placed on known “weevil trees”, these traps are very effective for monitoring...

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Pecan Laws

As pecan growers, our lives, jobs and future are all impacted by laws, either civil or common. Comments here are not published as fact or law, but rather for consideration. Alternate Bearing Law of 1528: Cabeza de Vaca established that pecan trees bear every other year. A big crop is followed by a low crop...

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TPGA Offers Ideas for Business, Crop Management

Agricultural producers are faced with an increasing demand for “reporting” all kinds of information, a demand that is going to grow and grow, according to Ben Allen of Agri-Data®. And that is not something “you can do simply on paper,” he emphasized. “Consumer demands for food system transparency are creating a level of complexity in...

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