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Pecan Quality Cuts Yield in 2015

Our 2015 issues continue at the Texas A&M pecan orchard as we are now in an extended rain period. Our year started with highest ever spring rains, then the rain stopped and we experienced a long hot dry period, which has reduced our yield. Many varieties failed to bear because 2015 was our “off” year....

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National Pecan Co. Buys Young Shelling Operation

FRISCO, Texas — Nov. 9, 2015 — National Pecan Company has announced the acquisition of Young Pecan Inc. – one of the leading pecan processors with the industry’s largest shelling capacity. The purchase, which includes Young Pecan’s premium brand and state-of-the-art production facilities, is another step toward vertical integration and overall growth for National Pecan....

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The Glyphosate Debate

Glyphosate herbicide is arguably the most important synthetic chemical product in the history of the pecan industry. For 40 years it has helped growers effectively combat a wide spectrum of annual and perennial weeds. It was instrumental to the development of the ‘sod and strip’ system of orchard floor management, reducing disking and mowing practices...

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Some growers dry their pecans using bins like this one. Forry Orchards in Colusa, California, installed these drying bins in their dehulling facility in 2015. Drying your pecans is a necessary task that can impact your profits.

Forry Unveils New Facility for Dehulling

Lincoln Forry of Forry Orchards in Colusa, California was anxiously awaiting completion of his new multi-million dollar dehulling/drying plant in October and hoping to get walnut and pecan processing underway this season. His sophisticated new facility sits beside the older plant, which was kept in operation until the new plant could be started up. Walnut...

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Around the Industry

FAST-PACED RETIREMENT — California pecan grower and sheller Brian Blain retired from the pecan business some time ago and now pursues his exciting hobby of collecting, restoring and racing old cars. Most of his cars are shiny with an “off the charts” wow factor. But even the rustically displayed Model T below is in running...

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Feral Hogs in the Grove

Feral hogs are among the most destructive invasive species that agriculture producers face and can be a major issue for pecan growers. The most obvious damage that hogs cause in pecan areas is damage to the ground that interferes with harvest and general management. While this destruction can be costly and time-consuming, one often-overlooked consideration...

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