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No Preliminary Crop Report; Final Numbers to Come in July

In a Feb. 8 newsletter, Dan Zedan of Nature’s Finest Foods reported some follow-up information on the recent suspension of USDA’s January report for NonCitrus Fruits and Nuts Preliminary Summary. This USDA summary has annually reported on pecan crop production and average prices for the current season. After the suspension of this report was brought...

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Dormant-Season Disease Prevention

Southeastern pecan growers today are living in the good times when it comes to disease control. A large number of low-toxicity fungicides are available in easy-to-handle packages. Large capacity air-blast sprayers are pulled behind tractors fitted with air-conditioned cabs. Some growers even have cameras on the sprayer wired to monitors on the dashboard that display...

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Symptoms of Deception

Sometimes the symptoms we see with our eyes do not always provide an obvious link to an answer. And sometimes, what we think we know does not provide the answer because we are limited by our own knowledge. The biological world is a complex environment and often factors interact to bring about a certain result....

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Pecans Need Water

Texas is currently experiencing a very warm winter with limited rain. It is not time to irrigate, but we worry about the coming season if this drought continues. If one were to ask, what affect pecan profits most? — some would say rain. Rainfall is the perfect irrigation with slow delivery, good infiltration into the...

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