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Bark Grafting in the Native Grove

Most native pecan growers have areas in their groves that have dozens of young trees along fence rows or popping up in open areas among mature trees. Fence-line pecan trees are often moved using a tree spade into open areas of the grove to help fully utilize available land area. The bottom line is that...

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Training Young Pecan Trees

Every pecan grower wants to establish a new orchard as fast as possible with the trees trained as a central leader with the first scaffold limbs at least 5 feet above the ground. However, many fail to understand training or pruning young trees is not job one. More important needs are good soil, salt-free irrigation...

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Early Detection is Key to Prevent Economic Loss

During the growing season there are several major nut-feeding insects such as pecan nut casebearer and pecan weevil, whose occurrence in an orchard can be anticipated and, if needed, treatments are applied based on trap collections and stage on kernel development. These two pests are generally considered the two most important nut-feeding insects of pecan...

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