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Be Aware of Edge Effects

The other day I was up at our local pesticide distributor to pick up some chemicals when I got into a conversation with a neighboring row-crop farmer. The topic of deer damage came up and he mentioned that every year deer create the same unique browse pattern along the edges of his fields. That simple...

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TPGA Presents Diverse Program to Large Crowd

Approximately 600 people gathered in San Marcos, Texas, for the annual conference hosted by the Texas Pecan Growers Association. Opportunities abounded for interaction with vendors from throughout the country, education for novice and experienced growers, and valuable information exchange among fellow producers. The popular Embassy Suites venue with hotel and conference center under one roof...

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Goodbye to a Good Friend

I lost a good friend in the pecan industry on the 28th of June. Mr. Jim Graves, 91, passed away of natural causes on that day. Jim came to the pecan industry late in life after a successful career in the tunnel construction industry. Jim was a naval officer in World War II in the...

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Scorch Mite a Summer Pest That Cannot be Overlooked

As the growing season enters the hot dry months of mid and late summer, pecans can be subject to infestations from several potential serious foliage pests that may need to be controlled. Insects such as black pecan aphid, yellow pecan aphid, walnut caterpillar and scorch mite can all cause premature foliage loss, which can/will impact...

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