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4th Annual Harvest Photo Contest

Want to be on the cover of Pecan South? Here's your chance.

Card announcing Pecan South's 4th Annual Photo Contest
We’re entering the busiest time of year and one of the best for a quick orchard photo op.

We’re excited to announce the fourth year of Pecan South’s annual photo contest. In the 2020 contest, Jorge Jalife submitted the winning photo taken by Vero Zertuche. The magical photo of a Monarch butterfly resting on a pecan cluster in Coahuila, Mexico, captured the hearts of our readers. And yours can too! 

So, the Pecan South staff invites you to submit photos of your orchard, harvest, or other cover-worthy happenings. You can take a quick shot with your phone, or harness your photography skills and play with different angles and scenes. Get creative!

The winner will be featured on the cover of our February issue. 

Please submit your photos to our office by emailing by Jan. 11, 2022. Each submission must include a caption for the picture, the photographer’s name, and contact information for the person who submits it. The photo should also be large enough for print—at least 615×500 pixels or 8.5×10 inches. Most photos taken on cell phones meet these size requirements.

If you have questions about rules and submission guidelines, please contact Pecan South by calling 979-846-3352 or emailing So, what are you waiting for? Shoot your shot at getting on the cover of Pecan South!