Card announcing Pecan South's 4th Annual Photo Contest

4th Annual Harvest Photo Contest

We’re entering the busiest time of year and one of the best for a quick orchard photo op. We’re excited to announce the fourth year of Pecan South’s annual photo contest. In the 2020 contest, Jorge Jalife submitted the winning photo taken by Vero Zertuche. The magical photo of a Monarch butterfly resting on a...

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Pistol Pete's Pecans in their branded bag.

NM State, Legacy Pecans team up to create Pistol Pete’s Pecans

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico—Over the last half-decade, New Mexico State University has continuously been building up a collegiately licensed collection of consumables. On Friday, Oct. 15, New Mexico State University added another item on its ever-expanding list and branched out from beverages to food in the process. Collaborating with Legacy Pecans, a Mesilla-based retailer, NM...

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Statement from FICO CEO Dick Walden regarding the passing of Bruce Caris, former Farmers Investment Co/Green Valley Pecan President and COO.

SAHUARITA, Ariz.—Below is a statement from Dick Walden concerning the passing of Bruce  Caris, former FICO/Green Valley Pecan President and Chief Operating Officer. Recently, surrounded by his family, we lost a leader in the pecan industry and one of the finest people I know—Bruce Caris. Bruce served as President and Chief Operating Officer of the...

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Young pecan orchard utilizing alfalfa as an alley crop.

Using alley cropping on your farm

This week found me browsing through a few hundred 2×2 slides, looking for examples of diseases on pecan trees. For you youngsters that have grown up in a digital world, you missed out on slide projectors and C-41 film processing. During my search, I found a few slides taken on a Hort-418 class trip to...

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Bagged pecans sit in a line on the bottom of a wooden shelf. The new pecan research and promotion program has the authority to collect assessments for domestic and foreign grown pecans imported into the U.S. USDA announced the industry members on the new APPB

Market and strategy tools for pecan stakeholders

Previous articles in this series have explored the pecan supply chain focusing on pecan producers and consumers. In this article, we shift gears to explore several tools that stakeholders within the pecan supply chain can use to consider opportunities to integrate within the supply chain. For example, a producer may be interested in expanding their...

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In 2016, after years of dreaming and working to develop a Federal Marketing Order (FMO), our historically divided industry came together and established the American Pecan Council for the common goal of building awareness and demand for American Pecans. In the beginning stages of the FMO, consumer research was conducted and showed pecans lagged tremendously...

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An orchard in Arizona during the fall.

Around the Industry

National Pecan Shellers Association gathers for 2021 Annual Meeting in Denver The National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) gathered in Denver, Colorado, for its 2021 Annual Meeting on August 25 and 26 at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. This meeting marked the first in-person gathering for NPSA since the start of the pandemic. Attendees visited...

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A picture of Dr. Jody Worthington

Remembering Dr. Josiah (Jody) Worthington

As has happened all too often in the last few years, another one of our premiere horticulturists has been called in for his next assignment. Apparently, the Good Lord was looking for help to rejuvenate the vast fruit gardens of heaven, and our own Dr. Josiah Wistar (Jody) Worthington was indeed the man for the...

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The North 19E plot, eastside of R4-2, flooded with water during the on-farm recharge.

On-Farm Recharge on orchard replenishes groundwater

On-farm recharge is the application of available surface water to farmlands during wet years to recharge and store water in underlying aquifers for future use. Pecan orchards are especially suited to on-farm recharge because pecans are a facultative upland species able to tolerate saturated soils post-dormancy. We conducted an on-farm recharge (OFR) demonstration study on...

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