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A Harvest Message from the New CEO of APC and APPB

A woman with black hair wearing a black button up shirt looks directly into the camera with a soft smile. This is Anne Warden the new CEO of the APC and APPB.

Anne Warden is the new CEO of the APC and APPB.

Harvest is a time of gratitude and hard work, and it’s with that spirit that I began as Chief Executive Officer of the American Pecan Council (APC) and American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) on Oct. 1. These two organizations are dedicated to growing demand for your pecans here and around the world so that we can strengthen the industry’s place in the market and grow the profitability of your businesses. A great deal of gratitude goes to the leaders who helped build these organizations’ impact over the years, but much more hard work lies ahead to ensure our industry grows to its potential.

To begin my work, I’ve spent the past few weeks listening intently to growers, shellers, and partners across the value chain. While I have many more conversations to come, three themes already emerge:

  • We must recognize the difficult conditions many in this industry face. That calls for immediate wins centered on restoring everyone’s profitability. A thriving industry— across each part of the chain—is the best way to bring our pecans’ nutrition to more people around the world.
  • There is a call for unity across the industry, with recognition that a unified marketing approach is the best way for all to succeed. You expect your marketing and promotion organizations to create the tides that lift all boats, and you want to see meaningful results.
  • Trust is critical to you, and you expect transparency, integrity, and open communication from those like me who work on your behalf. I can assure you that those values are why it is such an honor to serve people like you who feed the world.

Your support for the APC and APPB has already fueled marketing and research that puts us in a strong position for future success. As I map out how we will significantly and quickly accelerate that impact, please send me your thoughts at