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APPB Uses Research to Drive Marketing Decisions

A bowl of roasted pecans. This is the featured photo for an article on the APC Electronic Reporting Platform.
Even in the face of higher grocery prices, America’s health-obsessed consumer culture isn’t waning. That means it’s a great time to market pecans’ surprising and unique nutrition package. But while the American Pecan Promotion Board activates health-focused marketing campaigns this spring, we have to continually ask: What will consumers want next? And what more can pecans do for them?  

Investing in research—both on what consumers want and what other benefits pecans can provide—is critical to improving the impact of our industry’s marketing in the long term. Understanding the behavior and mindset of our consumers helps us build smart marketing strategies that drive consumers to purchase more pecans. Scientific research, particularly around what a diet with pecans can deliver, gives consumers more reasons to put pecans in their cart and recommend them to others.  

Throughout this year, the APPB will provide more insights into what drives consumer purchases. In addition, we’ll be working to expand what we can say about the health benefits of pecans while developing a robust scientific pipeline that could help pecans advance into the future with new research areas like gut health, inflammation, and cardiovascular health. 

Access to Science That Matters

With the help of local pecan associations, universities, and research partners, APPB has been able to compile hundreds of studies on topics ranging from tree care and orchard maintenance to human health and the influence pecans can have on heart health and weight management. 

Our next step is to make these publications more readily available so they can help inform the way you farm. The research section on will be updated over the next several weeks to make the publications database easier to search based on category and topic. In addition, a health and nutrition category will be added to provide access to the latest tree nut and pecan research in areas like cardiovascular health, cholesterol, and digestion.

The Latest Consumer Trends Research

As important as understanding how to improve farming practices is, it’s also essential to understand the mindset of consumers and keep abreast of the latest food trends and what consumers care about—particularly when it comes to their attitudes around food, health and wellness, and their influence on purchase behavior. The International Food Information Council (IFIC) has released the 18th Annual Food and Health Survey, which aims to understand consumer perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors surrounding food and food purchasing decisions. According to the survey, taste still ranks as the number one purchase driver (87%); however, the healthfulness of a product also remains a key driver for six in ten respondents (62%). Snacking frequency also remains high for the second year in a row. Surveys like these show us that positioning pecans as a flavorful, good-for-you snack can help meet the needs of what consumers are looking for in the foods they choose to buy.

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