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December 2020 Advertisers

An image to represent Pecan South's Advertisers for this issue.
Pecan South advertisers share their products and services between the pages of our December 2020 issue. Below, our staff presents a full list of our December advertisers and their contact information.


Apollo Nursery

Baker Pecans Farm and Nursery, 580-371-5228

Bissett Specialty Equipment, 575-571-4120

Camsa Services, +52 (667) 144 1494

Davis Pecans, 870-898-4629

Durand-Wayland, 706-882-8161

Eastern Plains Insurance Corp. 1-800-748-2825

Flory Industries, 209-545-1167

Georgia Pecan Nursery, 678-428-0244

Gillison’s Variety Fabrication Inc. 231-882-5921

Golden Peanut and Tree Nut

Gulf Coast Bag, 281-556-8500

Holiday Tins, 1-800-644-8856

Hudson Pecan Company, 229-468-9473

J&J Supply Inc. 817-335-5535

Kent Company, 972-221-8113

Landgraf Farms, 580-795-7433

Leon River Pecans — FOR SALE 

Linwood Nursery, 209-874-9100

McIntyre Insurance Agency, Heartland Crop Insurance

Modern Electronics and Equipment, 318-872-4764

National Pecan Company, 1-800-829-6864

Nelson Mfg. Co. Inc. 530-673-0919

Nut Tree Nursery, 229-432-2636

OMC, 530-673-2822

Pacific Distributing Inc. 559-564-311

Pacific Western Container, 800-927-7299

Pearce Brothers Crackers, 252-230-0224

Pecan Nut Busters, 954-240-3915

Pecan Grove Farms, 1-844-841-3655

Rio Seco Ag Supply, 915-320-5090

Savage Equipment, 866-572-8243

Selman Farms LLC, Chad Selman, 918-521-9806

Southern Nut ‘n’ Tree/PPI, 325-938-5460

South Georgia Pecan Company/Purely Pecans

Sun Valley, Inc.

T.I. Thomson Industries, 229-377-3074

TOL Inc., 559-686-2844

Vann Farms Pecan Nursery, 229-552-0442

Weldcraft Industries

Western Specialty Container, Maryann Allen, 941-729-2364

Wizard Manufacturing, 530-342-1861

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