Early Season Pecan Inventory Data Shows Rise and Fall

The American Pecan Council released its Year-End Inventory Report for the 2019 Crop Year alongside the Pecan Industry Position Report for September 2020 several weeks ago. These most recent pecan reports provide data on U.S. handlers’ inventory and shipments at the start of the 2020 harvest season.   Amidst the ongoing battles against the coronavirus, pecan...

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A nut cluster with slight shuck opening is coated in a layer of ice. Icicles hang off small branches and the cluster on this mature pecan tree, during an ice storm.

Recovering from Ice Storm Damage

As if 2020 has not been challenging enough, some growers in the central region are facing yet another challenge. Some growers now confront cleaning up orchards following a significant ice storm and trying to salvage what crop they have left. A strong winter storm pushed through North Texas and Oklahoma on Oct. 26 and brought...

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A tree split into a y-shape near the orchard floor. Training young pecan trees is one important winter activity growers should think about after harvest.

Pecan Winter Activities for Western Orchards

After the dusty whirlwind of harvest passes, outsiders may easily think it’s finally time to take a little break from pecan orchard activities. There is a certain amount of truth in that. After all, the trees are dormant. It looks so quiet and peaceful. The constant hum of zinc sprays, irrigation, insect pest control, and...

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Image for the classifieds found in the magazine.

December 2020 Classifieds

SAVAGE CRACKING EQUIPMENT, air cracker 238S, sheller 405S, 2 elevators 704S, inspection 3-step table 520S, aspirator/out side bin, Meyers 5-step meat sizer, 2 SNT rerun units with fan, stainless foot operated sacker. All are in excellent shape 580-371-5228 Tishomingo, OK. Container grown pecan trees: Western Schley and Wichita on Burkett and Riverside rootstock. Serving Las...

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A bowl of roasted pecans. This is the featured photo for an article on the APC Electronic Reporting Platform.

APC Launches its Electronic Reporting Platform

As the Federal Marketing Order for the American Pecan industry, the American Pecan Council (APC) has specific items or job duties it uniquely can and cannot do. One of the critical abilities the FMO provides the industry with is fair access to transparent information for the first time. This data can ultimately be used to...

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