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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Collecting Assessments on All Imported Pecans

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On November 4, 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will begin collecting assessments on imported pecans. Under the Pecan Promotion, Research, and Information Order, 7 CFR 1223, importers who import 50,000 pounds or more of inshell pecans (25,000 pounds or more of shelled pecans), on average for four fiscal periods are required to pay an assessment. Importers who import below this threshold or who import certified organic pecans may request a refund of assessments collected by CBP from the American Pecan Promotion Board.

To submit an exemption or reimbursement application, please visit Assessment rates are $0.02 per pound on all inshell pecans and $0.04 per pound on all shelled pecans. Outstanding assessments from October 1, 2021, are still due. Failure to pay past-due assessments will result in penalties.

If you should have any questions about forms, or to pay past-due assessments or any aspect of the incoming CBP collections beginning November 4, 2023, feel free to contact the American Pecan Promotion Board office at or (817) 985-3034.

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American Pecan Promotion Board

The pecan Research & Promotion program operates as the American Pecan Promotion Board. The board’s assessments are used for promotion, research, and industry information projects to help increase the demand for pecans.