Logos for the American Pecan Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board

American Pecan Council and American Pecan Promotion Board Together Announce New CEO

Fort Worth, TX—The pecan industry welcomes a new but seasoned leader to grow pecan demand at home and abroad. Anne Warden has been named the CEO of both the American Pecan Council and the American Pecan Promotion Board, signaling another important step these organizations are taking to deepen the industry’s unity and further expand the...

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A pecan snack mix from the APPB's summer marketing.

Summer Marketing Updates from the APC and APPB

The American Pecan Promotion Board continues to reach consumers across traditional and social media and to produce a range of paid content live on Facebook and Instagram (@eatpecans), featuring pecan recipes, benefits, and animations to engage our target audience. As part of the APPB’s paid social content development, we partnered with content creator Emily Laurae...

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What’s to Come, What’s Been Done for Pecan Marketing

The American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) just finished a multi-pronged holiday marketing push. The holiday push for 2022 featured a Pecan Pizza Pie. This truly nutty pie included a savory buttermilk pizza crust, a thick bourbon-infused tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, fennel-dusted pepperoni-flavored pecan halves, and a spicy balsamic pecan pie glaze. As of early December...

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