Global Food Trends Give Pecans a Boost

Over the years, global food trends have become increasingly popular among consumers—and for good reason. Global food trends open the door to exciting and unusual flavors, and ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world. Many of these trends are associated with health and wellness benefits, like plant-based cuisine or dishes highlighting nutrient-dense “superfoods” such...

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Pecans Make Their Mark on Top 2023 Food Trends

The way we buy, eat, and prepare food has significantly changed over the last year. Many of these changes resulted from attitude shifts (sparked by the pandemic), increased focus on climate change, personal health, and environmental issues. However, one of the biggest issues that has shaped current food trends is inflation.  According to the Food...

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Pecan sliders dressed up and served on a wooden platter. These sliders play into several food trends in 2021.

Six food trends for 2021 and beyond

2020 was a year like no other, but what is in store for 2021? The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we shop, eat, and think about food, and while we now see a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s still a long road ahead as we adjust to a “new normal.” Not...

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