native pecan tree estimated to be 200 years old

Regeneration is a Fact of Life

Regeneration in the present context will be defined as ‘to restore to original strength’ or ‘to restore to a better, higher or more worthy state’. A pecan orchard must then, by definition, be regenerated because a pecan tree will not produce forever. In the mid-1970s after we initially purchased some land along the Verdigris River,...

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What is a Native Pecan Sprout Worth?

This past winter we identified several young pecan sprouts that were surrounded with briars and brush that had been previously ignored because they were not on perfectly flat ground as was the main orchard. They were close to water and beavers had already taken many other young trees in the area. The first step was...

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Green is Good isn’t It?

As a small grower in northern Oklahoma with no formal education in the art of growing pecans, I learn volumes every year through experience and observation. And every year there are things that are different, unexpected and not always understood. 2010 was no exception. For example, this year we harvested some of the largest and...

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From The Tree To The Pie: One Grower’s Adventure

We are considered to be a small grower. We have a ‘Maramec’ orchard that produced slightly over 20,000 pounds in 2009 with a potential of 40,000 pounds annually when the smaller trees mature. Although small, I take pecan production very seriously. Our orchard is primarily random. I began grafting existing sprouts in 1979. The annual...

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