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2010 Pecan Calendar For Texas

As pecan growers enter the 2010 pecan year, it is good to outline management practices that may need to be used and develop plans. The 2007, 2008 and 2009 early markets were less than ideal as far as prices to grower. The 2009 crop started out great, but 4 months of drought followed by way...

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Horticultural Oils For Pest Control: Use With Care

This is a topic I have written about several times in the past for this column, but every year I receive questions concerning the use of dormant oils on pecan so I will rerun again. Horticultural oils have been used in agriculture for over 100 years to control various soft bodied insects such as scale,...

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From The Tree To The Pie: One Grower’s Adventure

We are considered to be a small grower. We have a ‘Maramec’ orchard that produced slightly over 20,000 pounds in 2009 with a potential of 40,000 pounds annually when the smaller trees mature. Although small, I take pecan production very seriously. Our orchard is primarily random. I began grafting existing sprouts in 1979. The annual...

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Spring Fertilizer Timing

An annual application of fertilizer is one practice that separates intensively managed commercial pecan orchards from many native groves and dooryard plantings. Pecan trees will bear nuts with no supplemental fertilizer in many of those settings, and occasionally will make fantastic crops, but producing pecans consistently and profitably requires that the nutritional needs of the...

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Time To Move On

We are into February now and many of us did not really finish harvest and clean up until at least mid-January if not later. This creates a short off season for us to do those things in the orchard that we need to before spring comes. With all the chill hours that the eastern part...

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