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New Pecan Lands: Argentina

Last month my wife, partner and I had the opportunity to visit a new (to me) country and observe a fledgling pecan industry getting its legs under it. We spent 5 days traveling the northeastern part of Argentina with our gracious hosts, Miguel and Karen Blanchard, and Alejandro and Carmen Llanos. While pecans have been...

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Big Pecan Drop in 2011

The Texas pecan crop for 2011 appears to be in a nose dive. I understand there are some orchards throughout the state with a good crop. I do not know the crop situation in far West Texas. I do know the south-central river region from Waco to the Gulf is in bad shape. Some growers...

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First Crop Estimate at 246.5 Million

Two flat-bed trailers would not hold all the attendees who showed up for the Louisiana Pecan Growers Association’s tour of the LSU Ag Station in Shreveport, which kicked off the annual Tri-State Pecan Conference June 16-17. Mississippi and Arkansas pecan growers sponsor the conference as well. The morning tour was followed by educational sessions and...

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Survey Reveals Profile of Typical Pecan Consumer

ATLANTA – Who snacks on pecans in the U.S.?  Hint: think Steel Magnolias. The profile of a typical pecan snacker is a 52-year-old, educated, affluent, married, white Southern woman, according to a leading market research firm.  The National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) recently obtained data from GfK MRI to better understand the American pecan consumer. ...

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Be on the Alert for New Invasive Stink Bug

Today’s society is based on a world economy with goods and commodities being shipped to and from countries around the world — which is a good thing and we (pecan growers) are seeing that now with increased sales to China. World trade is great, but all of this commerce can have negative consequences, one of...

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