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The “Other” Micronutrients

It is well known that most pecan orchards, especially out here in the West, require zinc fertilizers for normal leaf expansion, shoot growth, and nut production. And in the past five years or so, most pecan growers have become proficient at spotting the telltale signs of nickel deficiency. But very rarely do they discuss other...

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Great Crop Plans and Mike Luke

The 2012 crop continues to look great in Texas. We have had sufficient winter chilling, and spring rains have been perfect, exceeding the entire 2011 season. The pecan nut casebearer emergence exploded earlier than normal and with record male moth trap catches; then the females crashed with few or no eggs and few or no...

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Looking at the 2012 Crop

I have just returned from a few days in the central valley of California, the heart of tree nut production in North America and perhaps the world. When you have driven for hour upon hour past field after field of citrus, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, grapes, alfalfa, fruit trees, olives,  and every vegetable imaginable, you realize...

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