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Texas pecans: shake and make

We just completed shaking off 400 pounds per acre of green, waterstage ‘Pawnee’ pecans in the A&M Storey block. The trees were overloaded with clusters of 3 to 5 nuts on 10 of 10 shoots. Our crop was good last year, but not great enough to shake. This was the “on” year and the trees...

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Weevils in their native environment

Weevil is the number one pest native pecan growers must learn to manage. Every time I think I’ve discovered the magic formula for completely stopping pecan weevil damage, nature throws me a curveball and I end up pulling weevil-damaged nuts off the cleaning table. It seems that managing pecan weevil in a native pecan grove may be...

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One Percent Kernel

The months of August and September are very important for pecan crop development. Shell hardening signals the end of the nut-sizing period, and the commencement of kernel filling. The date of shell hardening varies by variety and location. The early-maturing variety ‘Pawnee’, was at full shell hardening by the middle of July this year at Bastrop,...

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