Bot canker on pecan

Young pecan trees are a big investment and we hate to see them get weak, decline, or up and die. I’ve seen a lot of young tree die-back this year. While much of this has been related to cold damage, some trees are feeling the effects of a subtle problem that often goes unnoticed until...

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Shellers host meeting Sept. 5-7 in Austin, TX

The National Pecan Shellers Association will hold its annual meeting Sept. 5-7 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. Golf, registration and a reception will comprise activities on Sept. 5. The program lineup on Sept. 6 will feature “Trends in Health, Snacking and Opportunities for Nuts on the Menu,” “Pecans in Gluten-Free, Diabetic Friendly Baking”,...

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The wind has ripped out one half of a narrow-angled branch connection from a large native tree.

Identifying causes for trunk injuries

It’s mid-summer and there’s not much to do in the native grove except for clipping the ground cover. The other day I noticed a large limb had been ripped out of a native tree by the wind (Fig. 1). I thought to myself—“now that mess will be a hot job to clean up”. If you...

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George Ray McEachern sprays Roundup-resistant pigweed at the Texas A&M orchard.

Roundup-Resistant Pigweed

Pecan industry: we have a problem. Since our first trials with Roundup (glyphosate) in 1973, we have had a near miracle cure for weed control in pecans. The happy days are over. We now have a rapidly growing, tall weed with a base over 1 inch in diameter that is both hard and fiber-filled. One...

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Portrait of USDA entomologist Walker Louis Tedders

USDA’s Louis Tedders passes away July 6

Well known USDA entomologist Walker Louis Tedders, 78, passed away on July 6, 2013, at Heart of Georgia Hospice Inpatient Care after an extended illness. Funeral Services were held July 8 at Perry United Methodist Church, Perry, Georgia. Louis Tedders was born in Albany, Georgia, to the late Walker Louis Tedders Sr. and Thelma Wallace...

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Part 1: Varieties Worth Considering

For some time I have been considering what varieties to plant in some new orchards we are establishing. I have read and studied many of the new releases and, while interesting to me in some cases, long-term field data is missing on these. True performance can only be assessed after the variety is in a...

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