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Fire and Pecan Trees

Recently I read about the enormous fires that were burning in Colorado. I’ve visited that area of the state a few times and always found it fascinating. When I was younger I was in Yellowstone National Park when the historic fires burned there. Fire definitely has a way of changing the ecological landscape. It has...

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An overview of the 2012/2013 pecan market

Unlike the almond, walnut and pistachio industries where 60 to 70 percent of their production is exported, until 2007, pecans were primarily consumed in North America. Supplies were sufficient to supply the North American market and a limited amount of export. Growers had little choice as to where they could sell their production and the...

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Texas Pecan Show Down

We all know August and September are the make it or break it time in pecans. This high-stress period is an old time gun fight — we live or die in 45 days. So much must be done and if not, we can lose the total crop. The key is to have pecans and keep...

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Scab Strangles in the South

We are through the first week of August now and have accumulated record rainfall so far this year. At 50 inches plus we are at our annual rainfall total for an average year. After several years of drier than normal weather we have been caught with our pants down to some degree. There is no...

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Chef Hugh Acheson sits on a porch.

Georgia Pecans visits the Big Apple

In advance of Georgia Pecan Month and the upcoming harvest season, celebrity chef and cookbook author Hugh Acheson joined a Georgia Pecan Commission representative in New York City to conduct desk-side editorial meetings with key editors of consumer, food and health magazines. Acheson is the chef and partner of three restaurants, Five and Ten, and...

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Time to prepare 2013 pecan weevil management plans

It is hard to believe that it is mid-August and time to start getting ready for pecan weevils. I feel that with the drought conditions across the state this looks to be a year, again, when producers will really need to pay attention to the potential for drought-delayed adult emergence. I have published this article...

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