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Orchard cleanup following ice damage

Many native pecan-producing areas were recently hit with extremely low temperatures and a blanket of ice. Producers can only hope any damage is not to the extent that has resulted from ice storms of the past. One major factor that could increase the potential for damage is the amount of stress that the trees have...

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Georgia Pecan Commission Exhibits at Nutrition and Dietitian Conference

The Georgia Pecan Commission exhibited at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Houston, Texas, Oct. 19-21, 2013. Advisory board members/spokespersons registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil, Dr. Ron Pegg and registered dietitian Densie Webb made appearances in the Georgia Pecans booth to answer nutritional questions and spread the “antioxiNUT”...

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SIAL Middle East Trip Report

The National Pecan Growers Council participated in SIAL Middle East for the first time Nov. 24-26, utilizing a booth featuring U.S. Pecans. The participating team consisted of Cindy Wise, Bruce Caris, Executive Vice President of Green Valley Pecan Co, and Vickie Mabry, Executive Director of the National Pecan Shellers Assn. The trade show was held...

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Looking Back On 2013 Pecans

Our 2013 season was marked by both high and low experiences. Our group of students of the last four years was happy with the good growth and development for the Texas A&M Orchard at the TPGA Conference. It has been a hard but rewarding experience for all of us and we were happy to share...

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Shortest U.S. Pecan Crop Since 1998

The U.S. pecan crop appears to be about 170 million pounds, the shortest crop since 1998, according to Bill Goff, professor and Extension pecan specialist at Auburn University. Pecan industry forecasts made from June through September of 2013 estimated the U.S. crop at an average of 213.6 million pounds. Now that harvest is nearing completion...

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If not ‘Desirable’, what?

Desirable has been the mainstay cultivar in the Southeast for many years, surpassing ‘Stuart’ for the lead in new plantings many years back. And, it has been the mainstay for good reasons. Consistent production is the hallmark of ‘Desirable’. For many years, as a pecan consultant, I have had a task of estimating pecan crops...

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